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Country Box

Jan 2020: China

Feb 2020: South Korea

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Chinese Cook Box

Few cuisines in the world match the diversity of China's within its own borders, as well as the influence outside of it. Celebrate the Lunar New Year in the month of January with the China country box and open up your senses to the wonderfully varied world of Chinese cuisine. Don't miss your chance to grab it now!

We are going to cook...

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Kung Pao Chicken

Everyone knows kung pao chicken, but not everyone is aware it originates from Sichuan, a region in the southwest of China known for its bold, pungent, and spicy flavours. Experience the numbing sensations of Sichuan peppercorns combined with chili peppers that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. So loved is this dish that even Chinese astronauts have eaten it in space!

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San Choy Bau

San choy bao (or 'lettuce wraps') is one of those dishes that represents everything modern diners crave: fresh, light, low-carb; which is why we feel it deserves more time in the spotlight alongside its fellow Cantonese heavyweights. Put down your chopsticks for this is a dish that keeps your hands busy. Your tummy, on the other hand, will thank you for the amazing sensations delivered in every bite.

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Shanghai Fried Noodle

Shanghai fried noodles tells the story of Chinese migration and its ensuing influence over kitchens worldwide. In the past, Shanghainese migrants who left for Hong Kong or to the west would establish restaurants in their adopted lands and serve dishes from home that were adapted to the local palate. This was how Shanghai fried noodles left its mark in Chinese restaurants all over the world and is why you're more likely to find it abroad than in Shanghai itself.

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