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No more grocery shopping in Asian supermarkets! No more boring preparation job! Our products are READY-TO-COOK including the pre-chopped vegetables, the marinated meat, and the pre-mixed sauce. It is fresher, healthier, and less expensive than the restaurant food.

Not Just Food

We believe food is not just food, it has so many stories and fun facts behind. Having food can be much more fun than you expected! Inside every meal kit, we provide some interesting stories with the recipe card to let you understand more about Asian culture. The more you know, the more you enjoy!

Zero Food Waste

People create too much waste when they try to cook unfamiliar ingredients. We provide just enough ingredients in the meal kit to avoid any left over. We hope the soy sauce will never be wasted from your kitchen again. Also, we are using eco-friendly packaging in order to eliminate the waste as much as we can.