EASY COOK ASIA is a Berlin-based meal kit provider, we provide FRESH, TASTY, and EASY-TO-COOK Asian meal kits. Our mission is to make people easily make and enjoy Asian cuisine at home by offering the authentic Asian meal kits with fresh pre-chopped ingredients, special pre-mixed sauce, easy-to-cook recipes, and background stories of the food that you might have been wondering. With our meal kits, you can easily prepare an Asian meal within 15 minutes even without any cooking experience! We tackle the boring preparation jobs, you just enjoy the cooking process.


Our products are READY-TO-COOK including the pre-chopped vegetables, the marinated meat, and the pre-mixed sauce.

Having food can be much more fun than you expected! Inside every meal kit, we provide some interesting stories with the recipe card to let you understand more about Asian culture.

We provide just enough ingredients in the meal kit to avoid any left over. We hope the soy sauce will never be wasted from your kitchen again.

How does EASY COOK ASIA work?

Place order online

You can browse the product and place an order through our website. Just visit our product pages, choose the one that makes you hungry, then order it!

Pick it up

You can easily pick up your order at your nearest pickup point on the way home. The door-to-door delivery service is also available.

Cook & Enjoy

We have prepared everything that you need so you can just enjoy being the chef and the time sharing food with friends or family.

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